When registering for the ISC Skovshoved 2020, all registrants must sign the Rules, T&Cs and Participant Liability Waiver by ticking the check box on Sportstiming.dk. In doing so, all participants are agreeing to obey all these rules and regulations. 


1. Rules For All Races. ISC rules follow IWSA guidelines.

1.1 Swimmers compete within age categories. The age categories for events of the season are determined by the swimmers age on 22.03.2020.

1.2 At the starting line, competitors will receive the following commands (with the following intervals):

1. Take off your clothes

2. Get in the water (5 seconds)

3. On your marks (3 seconds)


1.3 As competitors enter the water they must get into the start position. The start position is required by the command “On your marks”. Competitors must hold the Start Bar (a clearly marked designated step of the ladder) with one hand and put their front shoulder under the water. Not completing the command “On your marks” may result in a 5 seconds penalty added to the race time.

1.4 In 3 seconds after the command “On your marks” the claxon/buzzer  will sound, indicating the start of the race.

1.5 Swimming under the water after START for longer than 5 meters from the start wall (when the swimmer is completely submerged and no part of the swimmer is breaking the surface of the water) is strictly forbidden and will result in 5 seconds penalty added to the race time.

1.6 False starts will not be called back. Blatant false starts will result in disqualification. Minor false starts will result in a 5 seconds penalty added to the race time. The decision of the race referee(s) will be final.

1.7 Tumble turns are strictly forbidden. Before making a turn, competitors must touch the end of the pool wall with, at least, one hand.

1.8 Swimming under the water after completing the TURN for longer than 5 meters from the turn wall (when the swimmer is totally submerged and no part of the swimmer is breaking the surface of the water) is strictly forbidden and will result in 5 seconds penalty added to the race time.

1.9 Swimwear must be appropriate and non-transparent. Swimming without a bathing costume or women swimming topless are not permitted. Except when related to the water performance teams, swimsuits may not go beyond the knee or past the shoulder (legs knee should be open i.e. they may not have legs or sleeves) and shall have no thermal protection or buoyancy. (See Appendix 4)

1.10 To finish the race, a competitor must touch the end of the lane with, at least, one hand.

1.11 The heat results will be final (no extra final heats).

1.12 Competitors must leave the water immediately after the race. They should retrieve their clothes from the provided baskets or bags and should immediately leave the pool area.

Rules For 25, 50, 100 and 200 meters Breaststroke Races

2.1 The only permissible stroke for 25 and 50 m Breaststroke races is “Head-Up” breaststroke. The crown (the top) of the head must not be submerged during the race, except before the first stroke within the 5 m zone of the start or turns (when water overflow through the head is permitted) – for all age groups, men-women, with time control. If the crown (the top) of the head submerges during the race, when it is not allowed, the swimmer will receive 5 second penalty that will be added to their race time. See appendix 3 for illustration.

2.2 For 100 and 200 m Breaststroke races the water overflow through the head is permitted during the whole course of swimming.

2.3 See Chapter 1 for the race regulations.

3. Rules For 25, 50 and 100 meters Freestyle Races

3.1 Swimming style is freestyle meaning “any style” for individual swims.

3.2 See Chapter 1 for the race regulations.

5. Rules For Relays

5.1 The swimming distance is 4 x 25 meters.

5.2 Team must consist of a team Captain and 3 swimmers. Only the team Captain should register the team. The names of the other 3 members should be provided on registration.

5.3 Team members must agree on their start order prior to registration.

5.4 When called to the pool area, team members will be instructed to take their position at the teams lane according to their start order. The first and third swimmers take the start end of the lane, while the second and fourth swimmers take the turning end of the lane.

5.5 The swimmers must follow the general regulations described in Chapter 1.

5.6 The first swimmer starts as described in Chapter 1.

57 There is no claxon/buzzer signal for the following swimmers. The previous swimmer completing his or her turn by touching the wall signals the start for the subsequent swimmer. The second, third or fourth swimmer must be in the water in the start position while (and before) the incoming teammate is touching the wall.

5.8 The team finishes when the fourth swimmer touches the wall at the end of the lane.

6. Rules for Breaststroke Relay

6.1 The only permissible stroke is “Head-Up” breaststroke. The crown (the top) of the head must not be submerged during the race, except before the first stroke within the 5 m zone of the start (when water overflows through the head is permitted). If the crown (the top) of the head submerges during the race, when it is not allowed, the swimmer will receive 5 second penalty that will be added to their race time.

6.2 See Chapters 1 and 4 for the race regulations.

8. Rules for the 200m Endurance Swim

8.1 Minimum age for an endurance swimmer is 20 years.

8.2 At the medical check the swimmers registered for the 200m endurance swim must present the following documents:

Electrocardiogram (ECG) not older than 2 months.

Complete blood cell count (with differential reports).

A signed AFFIDAVIT form.

8.3 Endurance swimmer must have a registered assistant – a trusted person who knows the swimmer and can confirm the swimmer’s ability to swim the endurance distance, and is able to provide the needed support to the swimmer until he or she is fully recovered.

The assistant must:

– follow the swimmer to the pool area;

– stay at the start end of the lane all the time during the swim;

– make a sign to the judge to stop the swimmer’s race in a case of suspecting the swimmer to behave inadequately so continuing the swim may result in danger to his or her life and health;

– support the swimmer after the swim, during recovery procedures until he or she is fully recovered.

8.4 It is highly recommended that endurance swimmer has a personal insurance policy providing coverage for extreme sports.

8.5 Mandatory briefing for endurance swimmers will be held according to the event schedule. All endurance swimmers must attend the meeting. A failure to appear at the briefing will result in disqualification.

8.6 Medical exam shall be held for endurance swimmers on the swimming day. The medical exam shall include but not limited to a blood pressure test and drug and alcohol evaluation. Medical restriction based on results of the exam is unconditional and makes the endurance swim impossible.

8.7 The Organisers have a right to reduce the distance or cancel the endurance swim in a case when the weather conditions changed severely increasing the risk of danger to the swimmers. Their decision to do so will be final.

8.8 The judges have a right to stop the swimmer’s race in a case of suspecting the swimmer to behave inadequately so continuing the swim may result in a danger to his or her life and health.

9. Rules for 200 meters Endurance Swim

9.1 Swimming style is a breaststroke and freestyle in the different swim races.

9.2 Duration of the swim is limited. The duration of the heat should not exceed 10 minutes.

9.3 See Chapters 1 and 8 for the race regulations.

10. Awards

10.1 All participants, regardless of disciplines, will receive a diploma through the Sportstiming app or website. 

11. Protests

11.1 Protests can be filed against a decision of the referee or if an official fails to comply with the competition rules.

11.2 Protests must be supported by reasonable factual evidence and should not be vexatious or trivial.

11.3 All protests must be made in writing in English and must be delivered to the Race Office within 30 minutes of the decision or event.

11.4 The fee for submitting a protest is determined by the event organizer.

11.5 If the protest is upheld the fee will be refunded.

11.6 The competition director will be the final adjudicator of any protests and must provide reasons for his or her decision.

11.7 The swimmers and their teammates are expected to use their common sense if they wish to submit or make any protest.

Appendix 1: Table of age categories.

The age groups for events are determined by the swimmer’s age on 22 March 2020.


Age in years on 22 March 2020


8 – 11


12 – 15




20 – 29


30 – 39


40 – 44


45 – 49


50 – 54


55 – 59


60 – 64


65 – 69


70 – 74


75 – 79


80 and older


Terms and Conditions of Participation

  1. Introduction
  • Terms and conditions stated below govern the general use of the Ice Swim Copenhagen (further ISC) website (as stated in Privacy and cookie policy) and use for registration for ISC, Skovshoved 22 March 2020.
  • By using our website you agree with our terms and conditions completely.
  • Terms may be changed at any time by ISC. You will be informed by email in case changes occur.


    • ISC, CVR number: 41139072
  1. Registration
    • Participants may only register through Sportstiming (on ISC website or www.sportstiming.dk). Registrations are binding and are reviewed in the order in which they are received.
    • Registrations open on 19 February 2020 and will close on 08 March 2020.
    • The registration fee does not include participant’s insurance against accidents, sickness, cancellation, theft, property damage or loss. Participants are advised to take out adequate personal insurance.

 Payments and refunds

    • All payments are accepted in Danish Krone (dkk).
    • Once officially registered, the organizer will send the participant a confirmation of registration and other pertinent information via Sportstiming. 
    • Registration fee (250dkk for adults, 125dkk for 8-15 yr olds) are non-refundable.
    • In certain circumstances, the organizer may decide, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary to cancel a registration and make appropriate refund and payout decisions. 
    • Pricing information is available on ISC official website and Sportstiming website.

 Event modifications and cancellation

    • In the event that the ISC Skovshoved 2020 cannot be held or is postponed, rescheduled or shortened due to events beyond the control of the organizers (force majeure) or due to events which are not attributable to wrongful intent or gross negligence of the organizers, the organizers cannot be held liable by delegates for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, costs for additional orders, financial losses, etc.
    • Under these circumstances, the organizers reserve the right to either retain the entire registration fee and to credit it for a future event, or to reimburse the participants after deducting costs already incurred for the organization of the ISC Skovshoved 2020 and which could not be recovered from third parties.

 Diploma of participation

    • Diploma of participation at ISC Skovshoved 2020 will be available through Sportstiming after the event.

 Photo consent

    • ISC official photographers will be taking photos and videos at the ISC Skovshoved 2020. These images will be used to share news about the ISC Skovshoved 2020 and to publicise future events. Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on ISC’s website, Facebook page and Instagram.
    • Insofar as photographs are taken or film material is made at the behest of organizer as part of an event and these images or film material clearly depict a participant, who is recognizable, then the affected participant hereby agrees to the (free) usage of this film or photographic material for advertising measures by the organizer for similar events, especially in print advertising, Internet, Social Media, as well as printed material and press material. Any other usage of said film or photographic material or distribution that comes as a result of handling of the film or photographic material by third parties is not allowed. The only exception being for press representatives and press releases for the event. Presenters, participants and exhibitors do not count as third parties in this case.
    • Furthermore, the participant agrees that photographs or film material collected and made for the aforementioned purposes is stored and processed in digital form for future use by the organizer.
    • Should the participant not agree to being filmed or photographed, the participant can withdraw their consent for the usage of their image in film or photographic material for advertising purposes at any time in writing. Upon receipt of the withdrawal of consent, organizer will not use film or photographic material depicting the participant for advertising purposes and will delete any saved photographs in which the participant is identifiable.

 Usage of data

    • Data protection statement for participants is in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Consent concerning the transfer or participant lists

The participant gives their consent to transfer and to make viewable a participant list with the information they have provided (name, last name, age group, country). In individual cases, this list is provided to other participants and exhibitors at the event to facilitate making mutual contact. In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to pass on this information to interested third parties. Participants are made aware of this in advance. The participant can withdraw their consent to the usage of data for this purpose at any time by sending an informal message to the organizer.


Participant Liability Waiver

I understand the dangers associated with swimming in cold water, including the potential for serious personal injury, death and loss of property.

I certify that I am a physically fit, healthy, and able swimmer acclimatised to cold water swimming. I have no known pre-existing medical conditions that would affect me swimming in cold water. 

I hereby waive any and all rights of action against Ice Swim Copenhagen (further ISC)  for all injuries, expense and other actionable events, arising out of participating in this cold water event.

Officials at ISC Skovshoved 2020 reserve the right to terminate your swim for your own safety if you are showing signs of deterioration in your swim stroke.

I have read and understood the information above. I understand the risks of cold water swimming and declare that I have no additional risk factors as detailed above.